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images from The Adventures of Innocence

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dimensions in inches:

L x H x D


good dog 1  good dog 2


Good Dog

10 x 22 x 10

squeeze toy, mdf, motor and hardware

Note: This piece is kinetic. A slight squeeze of the bulb triggers a pneumatic switch that starts a motor inside the base that makes the dog squish down into a bow and squeak.  (No video available at this time).


cloud breathers 1  cloud breathers 2


The Cloud Breathers

32 x 30 x 14

unstuffed toys, polyester filling, steel wire, flocked paper, plywood


dragon tail 1  dragon tail 2


Dragon Tail

12 x 13 x 14

bronze, copper, walnut


american clown 2  american clown 1


American Clown

12 x 16 x 7

plastic, galvanized steel, driftwood, oak


aged portrait


Portrait of a Young Man Aged and Weathered

25 x 32

discarded oil pastel drawing, discarded frame, corrugated cardboard, coffee, whiskey, artist’s leads, charcoal, photograph of drawing in original state


suburban pastoral 2  suburban pastoral 1


Suburban Pastoral

14 x 6 x 9

oak, basswood, flocked paper, acrylic paint, (the sign indicates pesticide use)


fire truck 2  fire truck 1


Little Red Fire Truck

14 x 17 x 13

discarded toy, bronze, tree stump, concrete, flocked paper, plywood


cooked goose rhymes 1

cooked goose rhymes 3  cooked goose rhymes 2


Cooked Goose Rhymes

33 x 10 x 3

vintage children’s book, hide glue, acrylic medium, smoke


sprout 2  sprout 1



24 x 24 x 8

wood, pine tar, oil paint, copper, fire, smoke, hide glue, detritis.


fur coat 2  fur coat 1 


Fur Coat

stuffed toy pelts, fabric