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PRESS PRAISE for chris fitch


The Adventures of Innocence @ FPAC Gallery, by Ricky Tucker, Big Red and Shiny, 07-21-10.
"...visually stimulating... show that's well-placed, and ripe with kinetic and self-exploding theme...”

ART; Sculpture That Moves By Air, By Touch, by William Zimmer, The New York Times, 02-21-99.
"...Mr. Fitch injects mysticism into the tradition of kinetic art...”

Taming Technology's Overload With Artful Systems, by Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, 05-02-03.
“...A child visiting the gallery when I was there named her favorite piece, which turned out to be a hand-cranked sculpture by Fitch...” GO TO ARTICLE

Technology and Art, by Britt Beedenbender, The Barnstable Patriot, 08-17-06
“...The mechanical sculpture created by Chris Fitch is a physically and visually engaging device that will have every visitor taking turns at the crank to generate the mini-drama...” GO TO ARTICLE

PAAM Art Show, by Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, 08-24-06.
“...Chris Fitch lays bare all the cogs and chains the crank sets spinning, but it still feels magical...” GO TO ARTICLE

Collision Collective at Axiom, by Greg Cook, New England Journal of Aesthetic Research, 08-29-07.
“...The most satisfying piece is “Tantalus Mackerel” by Chris Fitch of the Boston area...” GO TO ARTICLE

Collision Collective: Superartificial @ Axiom, by Matthew Nash, Big Red and Shiny, 05-26-08.
“...Fitch presents a much more contemplative experience in his piece Falling... immersive experience... rising above the space of the gallery, transcending the body...” GO TO ARTICLE

“COLLISION” of Experimental Art, by Emma Ingrisani, Wellesley News, 02-23-06.
“...Tantalus Mackerel by Chris Fitch exemplifies the mood of the exhibit as a whole...”

Deconstructing da Vinci, Reconstructing Chris Fitch, by Ashley Evan Pond, The Taos News, 05-12-94.
“...The craftsmanship is that of a master... Fitch covers all the bases. His mechanical sculptures are fun, appeal to the imagination, meticulously crafted with an uncommon skill, ironic, humorous, sensuous, and fateful...”

Art Alive and Kicking, by Adrienne LaFrance, ArtsFuse,, 02-22-06.
“...sophisticated and analytic... impressively explores the fusion of artistic expression and practical creation...”

DeCordova’s “Toys by Artists” a Draw for the Young and Old, by Marty Carlock, Boston Globe, 03-17-91.
“...In a class by itself... pieces are moved via a system that has to be seen to be believed...”

Artwork in a Playful Mode, by Christine Temin, Boston Globe, 02-22-91.
“...Fitch’s piece addresses the whole notion of ‘progress,’ of thinking you’re getting somewherewhen it’s really the world around you that’s changing...”

The Aniniput Treehouse Inn, by Kristyn Komarnicki, Joyce magazine, 02-01-93.
“...One of the most charming aspects of the Aniniput Treehouse Inn is how seamlessly the structure blends into the natural surroundings, as if each room sprouted spontaneously from the branches that contain it...” GO TO ARTICLE