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Saint Stain

40" x 27" x 12"
Wood, foam, Astroturf, toys, electronics
Photosensitive flowers act as motion detectors to trigger the
dragon's death throes.

George was born in the waning Roman Empire under the emperor
Diocletian at a time when economic hardship fed a trend toward religious
fundamentalism. Diocletian brutally persecuted the rising Christian
movement, and George was outspoken in his disapproval of the
government's crackdown. For this he lost his head.... and gained
sainthood. Many legends arose to celebrate his faith, courage and
spirit of self-sacrifice, eventually inspiring the Crusades, in which
those noble ideals became distorted into an bloody excuse for
intolerance against Islam and a call to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim
rule. One of the legends that arose had George rescuing the princess
Cleolinda from a dragon that was terrorizing a village somewhere in
the Middle East. As reward for killing the dragon, he demanded that the
population of the village convert to Christianity. While I respect Saint
George as a person, I feel the Christian Church has used and abused his
personal story for political purposes.

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