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97” x 25” x 92”
Wood, Formica, aluminum, garolite, brass, hardware.

Originally inspired by looking at ferns on a walk in the woods,
"Spring" is a mechanical abstraction of the same unfurling action
that occurs in fiddleheads during the time of year most associated
with hope and ebullience of spirit. I wanted to tap into that spirit
and create a piece that embodies the gesture of reaching toward the
light, in the sense of both offering and receiving. In the calculation
of the relationships in the spiral the "golden ratio" was used, resulting
in a shape that is found in many natural forms as they grow. I believe
that what in mathematical terms expresses balance and efficiency, by
moral extension and cultural expression reflects the universal golden
rule of human behavior -- that which would have us reach outward
toward each other and upward against the drag of negative social
Ultimately, "Spring" is forward looking, but acknowledges the
cyclical nature of optimism.

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