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Tantalus Mackerel

brass, steel, garolite, MDF, tin cans, mechanical

The story of Tantalus has been, since its Greek origins,
a consistently applicable metaphor for the human condition.
Tantalus angered the gods by trying to feed them the flesh of
his own son, passed off as ambrosia. For this, he was chained
to the bottom of a lake that reached to his chin. With luscious
grapes drooping from vines above his nose, starving Tantalus
was unable to enjoy either food or drink, as they were pulled
away whenever he reached. I won't go on about how I think
this relates to American culture today, which suffers from
a kind of self-inflicted hunger from unrealistic expectations.

Let me just say, instead, that this piece is about a frustrated
fish trying to catch a bug.

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